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Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America hits Amazon Prime Video early

Amazon surprised Prime Video subscribers by launching Eddie Murphy’s comedy Coming 2 America the day before. The title, which is a sequel to the 1988 comedy, brings Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall back for another trip to the United States. Prime Video subscribers can stream the movie, originally intended for a theatrical release, free of charge.

Amazon has a history of releasing future content before it was originally scheduled. If you’re a Prime subscriber, you may have noticed Coming 2 America promoted on the Fire TV service and devices a little earlier than expected – that’s because Amazon abandoned the title a day earlier.

The new film is a sequel to the 1988 comedy Coming to America, a series that follows the spoiled Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) as he travels from the fictional African country Zamunda to Queens in New York. The sequence follows the prince when he returns to the United States decades later.

Coming 2 America was originally scheduled to open in theaters. The pandemic and the disruption of the related film industry changed those plans and resulted in the acquisition of the comedy by Amazon last year from Paramount Pictures. Several other major films have also seen streaming premieres in place of originally planned theatrical releases.

Coming 2 America is available with Prime Video’s Watch Party feature, which allows friends and family to watch the same movie remotely. The resource has become a popular way of watching new films in the midst of the pandemic, giving isolated individuals a way to socialize without risking a trip to the cinema.

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