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E3 2021 confirms free digital show after rumors of paid access

With just a few months before the show starts normally, we don’t know much about E3 2021 yet. Earlier today, rumors began to circulate that the Entertainment Software Association was considering putting at least some parts of the show behind paid access. Now ESA has backed off against these rumors, in the process giving us an idea of ​​what the show will be like later this year.

Today’s original report came from the Video Games Chronicle, which stated that “several publishing sources” said that ESA was considering putting some content from E3 2021 behind paid access. VGC said that this paid content could include on-demand game demos delivered through NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service and even a “premium package” that grants extra access beyond what was offered for free.

In response to this report, ESA posted a tweet on E3’s official Twitter account, stating: “E3’s 2021 digital show is a free event for all participants. We look forward to informing you of all the real news from the event soon. ”While this is not revealing, an ESA spokesman reiterated the free part in a follow-up statement to the VGC, saying:“ I can confirm on ESA’s behalf that there will be no elements at E3 2021 that will be behind a paid pass or paywall . ”

So, if you were concerned about being cut off from some of the revelations scheduled for this year’s E3, it looks like you can breathe easy. Although ESA has officially revealed very little about what E3 2021 will look like, previous reports say the organization is moving forward with a fully digital event. Last year, just after the cancellation of E3 2020, ESA confirmed that E3 2021 will take place from June 15th to 17th.

ESA’s tweet today says more information will come soon, so hopefully it won’t be long before we have a better understanding of what E3 2021 will entail. We’ll let you know when ESA reveals more information, so stay tuned.

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