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Dubai’s RTA uses drones to inspect 300 heavy vehicles

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) carried out more than 300 inspections of heavy vehicles using drones last year.

“We have identified all the various cases of heavy vehicles that can be inspected with drones. This national creative initiative uses artificial intelligence technologies on board drones to conduct truck inspections.

“RTA has trained nine employees accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority of Dubai to act as drone operators,” said Mohammed Nabhan, director of monitoring licensing activities at the licensing agency RTA.

The official said that this “eased the difficulties encountered by inspectors when inspecting parts of heavy vehicles, which are normally difficult to access”.

“Since we started using drones for heavy vehicle inspections last year, we have conducted more than 300 inspections, recording 580 minutes of flight and resulting in 48 infractions,” said Nabhan.

“The use of drones … reduces the vulnerability of inspectors to incidents associated with climbing the vehicle to inspect the upper areas and check for technical flaws.”

They also inspect aspects related to shipping and loading instructions.

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