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Don’t accept bags from unknown people, UAE passengers told

People flying to the United Arab Emirates were advised not to receive luggage from unknown people without knowing their content, as this could get them into trouble.

The Federal Customs Authority (FCA) of the United Arab Emirates has advised travelers not to exchange luggage with friends in good faith without confirming the contents of the goods.

The announcement was made by the FCA recently in an elaborate advice and tips for travelers to ensure a safe and risk-free trip.

He urged passengers bound for the United Arab Emirates to refrain from “receiving luggage or suitcases from unknown persons in the country of departure without knowing its contents, not to exchange luggage with friends in good faith without checking its content”.

Like all countries in the world, customs authorities have also banned many items that passengers cannot carry when flying to the United Arab Emirates. Items that are prohibited from carrying can put travelers at risk.

Some of the prohibited and restricted items include narcotics, gambling tools / machines, nylon fishing nets, live animals of pig species, raw ivory, laser pens with the red light pack, counterfeit and counterfeit, substances contaminated with nuclear rays and dust, publications, images, religiously offensive or immoral drawings and stone sculptures, as well as chewing substances, including betel leaves.

Although a number of restricted goods may be permitted after the consent of the competent authorities, including live animals, plants, fertilizers and pesticides, weapons, ammunition, explosives and fireworks, medicines, drugs and medical equipment and instruments, publications and media products, tires of new vehicles, transmission and wireless devices, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and personal care products, rough diamonds and cigarettes manufactured and processed from tobacco.

The FCA stressed that travelers caught smuggling would be subject to a fine, imprisonment or both penalties can be applied concurrently.

He also asked travelers to declare amounts of cash and precious items on arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

Passengers who are bringing their medications to the United Arab Emirates must carry a certified prescription for medications, following the guidelines and instructions issued by airlines and carriers.

Travelers were advised not to hide information about prohibited or restricted substances and articles.

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