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Cryptocurrencies Break Another Market Cap Record

There is anxiety on the cryptographic streets as global market capitalization approaches the first record of $ 2 trillion as the weekend approaches rapidly. Rates seem a little uncertain, with cryptocurrencies struggling to maintain momentum.

Bitcoin almost surpassed $ 60,000 after recording consecutive gains, before a sharp retraction caused the currency to be reorganized by $ 58,000. At the time of this writing, digital currency was comfortably over $ 58,100.

Since Tuesday, the global cryptography limit has increased 2.4% to $ 1.92 trillion, as reported by prominent analyst Nomics. While it has avoided breaking the $ 2Q barrier, cryptocurrencies have broken the previous $ 1.8 trillion record set earlier this month.

As it stands, the value of crypto assets is now almost equal to 26% of the gold market capitalization, as the precious metal continues to suffer daily strikes. This is mainly due to the increase in Bitcoin in the last 48 hours, which gained 2.5% and almost reached $ 60,000. However, it dropped almost $ 1,500 in minutes and it looks like the weekend blues are approaching.

Similarly, Ethereum was rising, but it is sinking and looks almost certain to drop below $ 1,800 over the weekend.

The lower limits exhibited the same rise and fall, but there are reasons to believe that regular falls and rises will conform to even greater gains as the market continues to trade.

As it stands, money borrowed or traded today will yield more tomorrow. We will find out soon.

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