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Cardi B’s “Summertime Fine” Reebok Collection Is Colorful ’90s Apparel at Its Finest

Cardi B is back with another Reebok collection, and this time, it’s all about 90s styles. The “Up” singer unveiled her new line “Summertime Fine” (the rapper’s first clothing collection) on April 12 , taking inspiration from his favorite memories wandering the Coney Island boardwalk. Who doesn’t love a blast from the past? The colorful collection incorporates Cardi’s sexy style with tops, bras, jackets and tights alongside the brand’s shoes.

Personally, I’m keeping an eye on that all-lilac outfit with its mesh cutouts. Does anything scream “summer” so loudly? If you’re in the market for bold and shiny clothes, take a closer look at the upcoming campaign. Then, buy the pieces from Cardi’s drop collection, which is already available.

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