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British, 35, drowns in a Spanish cove famous for cliff jumping and snorkeling

Police and paramedics rushed to Punta Galera, a cove near the popular San Antonio resort, but were unable to revive the man after he was rescued from the water.

A Briton drowned in an apparent tragic accident in Ibiza.

The 35-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene on Wednesday after unsuccessful attempts to revive him by emergency personnel.

Police and paramedics rushed to Punta Galera, a cove near the popular resort of San Antonio, around 6:15 pm.

The area has popular rock platforms for jumping off cliffs and watching the sunset, as well as snorkeling

The Briton was reportedly rescued unconscious from the water before attempts to save his life.

It was not clear whether he lives in Ibiza.

Punta Galera, Ibiza
Source: Mirror

A Civil Guard spokesman confirmed that the dead man was a 35-year-old British man.

He said: “The alarm went off at around 6:15 pm. We received a call from a regional emergency response coordination center.

“All we can say at the moment is that the dead man was 35 years old and was British.

“An investigation is underway.”

An autopsy is expected to be performed today.

The results will be sent to a local court in charge of coordinating the ongoing investigation.

A spokesman for the government-controlled regional emergency response coordination center added: “We received a call saying that a man was taken unconscious from the water around 6:15 pm yesterday.

“He was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after, despite attempts to revive him and save his life.”

A local report said the dead man was taking underwater photos and was with a friend who set the alarm.

Locally published photos showed emergency crews around the Brit as they practiced CPR on him on the rocks near the water’s edge.

The police watched as they tried to save the life of the drowning victim, whose face was obscured in the images.

The man appeared to be wearing only black bathing shorts.

The waters seemed very calm, almost without waves.

Comments on travel to Ibiza describe Punta Galera as an old quarry by the sea, a popular nudist area.

It is added: “It is little visited, among other things because it has no bar or sand.

“However, it is easy to jump into the water, as the depth is more than two meters, in addition to some places where you can get out over shallow submerged rocks.”

To reach the quiet spot, take the road from San Antonio to Santa Agnes and exit towards the sea, before a bay called Cala Salada.

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