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Brit paying £ 1,000 a day to keep critically ill parents alive at Covid unit in India

Vernon Rose, 33, is desperately trying to help his parents as they fight for their lives in a hospital in India, where a mutant strain of the coronavirus is responsible for the country’s death toll that exceeds 200,000 this week

A son is paying £ 1,000 a day to keep his Covid-sick parents alive in India as they fight for their survival in the hospital.

Vernon Rose, from Cheshire, is desperately concerned about his parents being treated in the ICU in the country devastated by the virus.

India is being hit hard by a new wave of coronavirus after a mutant strain started to spread through the population, causing infections and skyrocketing death rates.

The situation has left families and Covid are forced to line the streets in hopes of getting life-saving supplies of oxygen.

Devastating scenes of Covid victims burning on funeral pyres in mass cremations shocked the world.

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Vernon told Cheshire Live about the distressing situation in India, where his parents Stephen and Veronica Rose, 59 and 57, are receiving intensive treatment in the city of Pune.

Vernon's parents Stephen and Veronica Rose are dangerously unwell with Covid in hospital in India
Source: Mirror

The couple was admitted to Shree Samarth hospital on Thursday, April 22, where they are now fighting for their lives.

Vernon, who lives in Ellesmere Port with his wife Corena and eight-month-old son Xander, has been sending money to India to pay for his parents’ hospitalization and treatment.

He cannot go to visit his parents because India is on the UK’s ‘red list’ of travel, but he has been able to keep in touch with his parents via video calls while receiving regular updates from his doctor, Dr. Kalashetty.

The 33-year-old said, “We pray together every night. We call them so they can see their grandson. They haven’t been able to spend much time with Xander.

“They are concerned that they will never see their grandson again, but I am stuck here because India is on the red list, so I couldn’t go back. I would have to leave my wife and son behind.

“I am in a difficult situation. I can only give financial help in the minute and get in touch with the people there.”

Stephen Rose in hospital sick with Covid in India
Source: Mirror

The ordeal is also starting to affect Vernon financially, who is having to pay about £ 1,000 a day for his parents’ hospitalization, as health care is not free in India, unlike Britain’s NHS.

But although the situation is serious, Vernon said his family is not in the worst position compared to many other families, describing the Indian variant as “very deadly”.

The death toll in the country officially exceeded 200,000 this week, with the crisis overwhelming hospitals.

Vernon said: “The situation is very, very bad. The doctor told me that it is really scary and he was talking to me recently, shaken, during a 72-hour shift.

“He was telling me that all he wanted to do was heal his patients, so that they could go home with their families and just close up to take a break. But he cannot.

“No doctor in India, none, knows how to contain this virus. This virus is mutating, it is developing, it is adapting and it is not only attacking the lungs.

“This variant of the virus is very different from the Chinese variant, the United Kingdom variant or the South African variant. This is very deadly, very aggressive and very, very fast.

t Corena Rose, Stephen Rose, Vernon Rose and Veronica Rose holding her grandson Xander
Source: Mirror

Vernon also opened a GoFundMe page when he started struggling with his finances.

He said he was very grateful to the kind donors who helped him, adding: “There are many people in India who do not have this opportunity that I have.

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“There are horrible stories happening now in India. There is a lack of oxygen, a lack of equipment and there are no fans.

“We are really in a very dangerous position. It is far from over, India is not in a good state. It needs all the prayers in the world and all the contributions the world can make.

“Everyone I speak to tells me how scary it is.”

Vernon is trying to stay positive while monitoring his parents’ condition and says he has been “blessed” with the help of several people.

The company he works for, RBH People Services, contributed to the medical bills and a friend in India named Gaurav, who runs an oxygen factory, managed to supply oxygen to the hospital.

Vernon said: “There are many people who do not have the resources or facilities to help them. Yes, the government is there, but I think everyone knows that there are many corrupt politicians in India where the money may not reach the people who deserve it.

“This is really unfortunate, so I can’t have any complaints. Even if I just received £ 1 from Go Fund Me, it would still be £ 1 that I didn’t have.”

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