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Biden’s recovery plan, China’s population reduction, India’s Covid, “Cash for curtains” saga

Will it be remembered as 100 days that changed the world? Joe Biden is becoming much more than the first US president to address Congress, with women behind him in the chair of vice president and spokesman. 40 years after Ronald Reagan declared that government is the problem, Biden now calls for massive spending on infrastructure, green energy, care for the elderly … and the first two years free of charge for community college.

In the same week that Biden was adding 1.8 trillion to the more than $ 4 trillion already planned for recovery and infrastructure, Europe’s major powers presented their proposals for recovery funds to Brussels. More modest 750 billion euros divided among the 27 … but there was definitely a Joe Biden effect in the air.

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As the United States roars back, China is also reaching for the stars: an unmanned module exploding on Wednesday with parts for its own international space station, a potential rival where NASA’s SpaceX sent four astronauts last week. But the show of strength masks a decline of a different kind. The Financial Times reported this week that, for the first time since Mao’s Great Leap Forward in the late 1950s, the population is expected to drop to less than 1.4 billion. With India estimated at 1.38 billion, China’s fall to the second position may come soon, very soon.

India has already reported more than 300,000 new cases of Covid daily for nine consecutive days, breaking another global record with 386,000 cases on Friday. In many states like Uttar Pradesh, scenes like this hospital in Sitapur, where this woman and her relatives beg for oxygen for a loved one or go out looking for themselves. Citizens of Ghaziabad, a suburb of New Delhi, are desperate outside the oxygen replenishment factory.

We try to keep the news on this side of the Channel, so how come we don’t realize the importance of the April issue of Tatler? In her main story about Boris Johnson’s partner, Carrie Symonds described how to put her brand in the 10 Downing Street chambers, “much better than what a visitor calls the ‘John Lewis furniture nightmare’ of Theresa May’s years. survey launched to see whether Conservative Party donors have paid for the prime minister’s home renovation, this burning issue looms large.

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