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Biden says US hit second major COVID-19 vaccine goal within 100 days

At the end of last year, Biden revealed a goal for his administration that, at the time, seemed almost impossible to achieve: administering 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in his first 100 days in the office. The vaccination effort skyrocketed, however, and the Biden government hit the target well ahead of schedule. Not satisfied with this achievement, President Biden revised the target of 100 million to 200 million doses in his first 100 days.

On April 22, President Biden officially announced that the United States had reached its government’s 200 million dose target in its first 100 days as president. Although the pandemic is still far from over, it represents a considerable milestone for the United States, as many states begin to loosen restrictions on meetings.

The United States has reported millions of vaccinations a day in the past few weeks, and as of this morning, more than 218 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the United States. Most of the COVID-19 vaccines administered in the United States are Pfizer and Moderna products, which require two injections to be fully vaccinated.

When analyzing the numbers, almost 136 million people in the United States received at least one dose of the vaccines, while just over 89 million people received both doses and are considered to be fully vaccinated. The CDC regularly publishes updated numbers on its COVID-19 Data Tracker website here.

In his statement on vaccination numbers, President Biden said:

Make no mistake: This is an American achievement. It’s a powerful demonstration of unity and resolve. And a reminder of what we can accomplish when we come together in pursuit of a common goal.

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