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Batman director Matt Reeves to produce a remake of Russian sci-fi horror Sputnik

You don’t have to wait twenty years to decide to remake a movie. It is something that can be done immediately if you believe you can really do better or bring it to a younger and potentially larger audience. This is what is happening with the launch in 2020 of the Russian science fiction film Sputnik, which marked the debut in the direction of Egor Abramenko.

Set in 1983 at the end of the Cold War and following a cosmonaut named Konstantin Veshnyakov (Pyotr Fyodorov), who made a forced landing back on Earth. Veshnyakov does not remember the events that caused the descent that left a teammate dead, another in a coma and him without knowing what happened during his mission in space. The film takes a dark turn inspired by Alien when it is revealed that Veshnyakov has a murderous extraterrestrial parasite living inside his body.

Batman director Matt Reeves to produce a remake of Russian sci-fi horror Sputnik 4

It’s a great story, with the biggest problem that a combination of COVID-19 and the Russian language barrier has resulted in few people seeing the tense thriller. Cloverfield and The Batman director Matt Reeves wants to ensure that more people see this story, with Deadline revealing that Reeves and his 6th & Idaho production company, along with Village Roadshow Pictures, will be remaking the film for the American audience.

It is unclear how different this new remake will be from the original non-language remake, although I hope that there may be a narrative shift from Russian cosmonauts to American astronauts, along with far more visual effects than only a US budget can provide. It is unclear who is writing the script for this new approach to the idea or whether Reeves will be behind the camera for this film.

Reeves has shown that he knows how to handle great science fiction scripts carefully with his work in the Planet of the Apes films, and hopefully he will be able to bring some of that talent to what already sounds like a fantastic premise. We need a new alien sci-fi film that does not fall into the usual American tradition of enthusiastic action, and perhaps this could be that film.

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