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Apple reduces – and increases – the values ​​at the last exchange change

If you are sitting on some Apple products that you no longer use, then you might like to know that Apple has adjusted the exchange values ​​for a fairly wide range of devices. Devices that have seen their prices change include everything from iMacs and iPad Pros to MacBooks and even some iPhone models. Although you can expect Apple to have reduced exchange prices in general, exchange values ​​are actually going up in some cases.

This does not mean that all devices have seen their prices rise, but some do. The MacRumors folks noticed these exchange changes, noting that the standard iPad’s exchange value decreased by $ 15 to bring it to $ 235. The MacBook Air suffered a lot as its value fell by $ 70, falling to US $ 530.

Unsurprisingly, the discontinued MacBook fell $ 40 to a new value of $ 340, while the iMac Pro – which was also recently discontinued – fell $ 100. Although it looks like a big drop, the iMac Pro still has an exchange value of $ 2,940, but losing those $ 100 still hurts, considering how much these iMac Pro used to cost. He joined the standard iMac, which dropped $ 130 to $ 1,050, while the Mac mini dropped to $ 770 – a drop of $ 60 from where it was before.

What about devices that are increasing their value? The iPad Pro leads the charge, adding $ 45 to its exchange value for a new price of $ 580. Interestingly, in addition to the iPad Pro, it is all iPhones that are getting bumps today. The iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro now have a value of $ 515 ($ 15) and $ 465 ($ 5) respectively, while the standard iPhone 11 has increased by $ 20 to $ 380. Even the aged iPhone 6S Plus saw its price rise by $ 5, giving it a new exchange value of $ 65.

One has to ask whether there is any reason behind these price changes – perhaps Apple is lowering exchange values ​​in anticipation of the launch of new devices? – or if it is only the result of a periodic review of the company’s exchange values. In any case, you can find Apple’s new exchange offers on its website today.

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