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Apex Legends Chinatown Market collaboration postponed for rebranding

A skin collaboration between Apex Legends and Chinatown Market has been delayed as the clothing company changed its name in the wake of the recent anti-Asian hate crimes and violence in the U.S.

Respawn started publicizing a collaboration with Chinatown Market last week that would have seen new skins for certain Legends (so far we’ve only seen Sundown Desperado Bloodhound and Mic Check Lifeline) added to the game today, March 30, but the clothing company decided on a last-minute brand change to better reflect what the company really is (ie, not Asian or related to the real Chinatown neighborhood, anyway).

Chinatown Market is a clothing and accessories brand based in Los Angeles, inspired by the vibrancy of New York’s Chinatown. She developed a cult following for filling her designs with the most viral references of the pop culture of the moment. However, they also faced reaction from the Asian-American community for their lack of prominent Asian officials and for their silence about the recent anti-Asian attacks. Then, they realized it was probably time to change the name. This will fix everything.

What this means for you is that you will have to wait a few months for those new colorful Apex covers. You are going to survive.

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