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Alan Wake 2 reportedly in development as an Epic Games Store exclusive

In news such as “It’s better not to be a April Fool’s joke,” industry insider Jeff Grubb revealed on his Twitch show Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess Show that an Alan Wake sequel is finally in development. That’s the rumor at this stage, which comes from developer Fortnite, Epic, who wants to produce games exclusively instead of simply signing an exclusive deal with existing products.

Epic has already taken a few steps along this path and recently threw a ton of money (about 23 seconds of Fortnite revenue generated on a slow day) at Remedy Entertainment, having secured publishing rights in a bidding war. Imagine trying to match Epic’s wallet, it’s like trying to beat me in a “food I never ate” contest. Today’s revelation: I never ate pickles or milk pie.

Anyway, Grubb claims that Remedy started working on Alan Wake 2 and that it will be “the follow-up that fans of this series want”, which aligns with a recent report from GamesIndustry that revealed that Remedy actually has five games colossal at various stages of production that Epic is helping.

More than a decade has passed since the original Alan Wake game was released and it is still one of the most beloved titles that Remedy has produced over its long career. His last major game, Control, even included references to the tortured writer and revealed that both games exist in the same lethal storytelling universe. With all the references to Alan Wake in the latest DLC for Control, it’s clear that Remedy hasn’t finished with Wake yet.

An Epic-backed sequel would likely mean that the game would be an appropriate exclusive in that company’s digital store, although the launch of a console was an entirely different story. The original game was exclusive to Xbox at the time, but seeing as Remedy owns the property entirely, a deal for the sequel to be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is not out of the question.

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